[Samba] re: NIS and smbpasswd

Rich Henry henry at brsc.com
Tue May 14 08:21:02 GMT 2002

I am creating a samba domain that will allow PC access to a small group 
of Sun servers running varying and some very old versions of SunOS. They 
are using NIS for users, groups and netgroups. They share files 
internally via NFS from a single share on a Linux server.

I have setup samba to allow access local from their win9x,2000,XP 
workstations and therefore had to use encrypted passwords. Was wondering 
if anyone worked out any interesting password syncronization schemes 
with a similar configuration?

Currently I am using some expect "glue" to make the smb password sync 
work and I'm working on a backend for yppasswdd but its getting sloppy. 
Any ideas would be appreciated...


Rich Henry
henry at brsc.com

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