[Samba] Srtring Overflow Error in Samba 2.0

Ward, Richard (DNRE/MRNE) Richard.Ward at gnb.ca
Tue May 14 06:11:03 GMT 2002

In my var/log.smb file I am getting the error:

String overflow by 18 in safe_strcopy  [adaigle ahenry ajleblanc     ]  a
long list

My share is setup with the list of valid users  i.e. 
valid users =  user1  user2  \
	         user3  user4 
writeable =yes					

Is there some limit to the number of users listed this way.  A bad character
in there?

Some users are not getting their drives mapped.  Running Solaris 2.6 on a
SUN box.

Thanks for any ideas on this.

Richard Ward

Richard Ward 
UNIX & NT Administrator 
Technology Planning & Support 
Department of Natural Resources and Energy 
Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de l'Énergie 
E-mail: Richard.Ward at gnb.ca 
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