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Tue May 14 02:47:02 GMT 2002

Hi List,
I have configured SAMBA 2.2.2 as a PDC. On one of the partitions of that server I want to have a following configuration :
The drive name for that partiotion is  Shared . In this Shaerd drive I want to have directory called users. In this directory I will have subdirectories for every domain users. Graphically :

                                                                |                               |                                        |
                                                             any                           Users                               data
                                                       |                     |                        |                    |                    |
                                                    abc                lmn                    pqr                  xyz            a1b1c1

Now in this directory structure, basic Shared dirve should be accessible for all domain users for read/write/execute access. But under user directory, the abc,lmn etc. directories are the directories mapped for domain users. So abc user will have abc directory, and lmn user will have lmn and so on...........Upto this point everything is fine. But the problem I am facing is , I want to configure these directories such a way that , abc user will have full access to abc directory (read/write/execute) but only has read/execute access for other users' directories. So not a single user will be able to alter the contents in other's directory. I tried giving 755 permission to this directory on SAMBA server but it didn't work. 
Could anyone please let me know in what way I can achieve this ?
Thanks in advance,
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