[Samba] Lock file problems? smb_open and smb_readpage_sync issues

Sanjiv Bawa sbawa at tabmaster.com
Mon May 13 15:00:03 GMT 2002

Thanks for your response.

How do I get the clients to use a share on the second box without a second
logon. The other box is already defined as a PDC.....

Is it possible for me to turn off locks completely for this share, seeing
that the Win2k box should enforce locking anyway...

I don't think I can move the files since they are needed on the other
server. But, I will look into it.


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On Mon, 13 May 2002, Sanjiv Bawa wrote:

> I have one share on the samba box that is actually smbmounted from a Win2K
> machine. This share seems to be giving me lots of errors. It seems to work
> fine though. On at least one instance the smb processes crashed, so I
> like to get this resolved.
> The errors are:
> My 13 11:43:50 localhost kernel: smb_open: ffdata/FF2000domain.db open
> failed, result=-26
> My 13 11:43:50 localhost kernel: smb_readpage_sync: ffdata/FF2000domain.db
> open failed, result=-26
> FF2000 is the directory on which the Win2k share has been mounted. domain
> the name of the domain.
> I think that samba is trying to create normal locks on this file and is
> failing. Should I just turn locks off on this share?
> Is there a better way to do this?

Yes, let the clients connect directly to the win2k box or move the files
onto the samba server.

smbfs does not implement fcntl locking, so it opens "FF2000domain.db"
without any locks, even if samba tries to lock.

In this case you get a -26 error which means -ETXTBSY or "Text file busy".
I read that as some other process having the file open and that it does
not allow smbfs to open it (with the really old smb that smbfs uses to
open files).


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