[Samba] Error---semaphore timeout period has expired

Michael Duran mduran at bamo.com
Mon May 13 14:46:03 GMT 2002

It only happens when the Samba server is =
under stress with a lot of connections.  When this error occurs the =
workstation will break contact to the Samba server and corrupt the indexes =
on database files we use.  Could it also be a network card driver not =
functioning properly?  Guessing here.

Yes, I had this same problem, if not similar, just a few days after 
getting my Samba server box installed and working as the new file server 
in our office.

The problem ended when I changed-out of the LAN hubs (old non-fast 10 
mbs) with new autosensing switches. Turns-out, the new file server was 
too fast for the existing LAN infrastructure.

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