[Samba] lib/debug.c:reopen_logs(349)

Per Kjetil Grotnes perkjetil.grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Mon May 13 07:23:03 GMT 2002

> >Note that this error happens only with shares connected with the W2K TS 
> >machine and then only after a certain amount of users have logged on.
> >Typically some sort of limit has been reached.. but which?   

> Have you tried to check the hard and soft limits for the maaximum number 
> of  file descriptors associated with the account which have all the 
> shares doing the map?

You mean this? 

rlim_fd_max = 4096
rlim_fd_cur = 2048

I am not sure what you mean by "the account which have all the shares doing the 

Other than the limits i wrote in the previous mail I am not sure what to adjust.  Maybe 
some Veritas File System parameter?  Or maybe I need to compile samba into a 
64 bits application?

Per Kjetil Grotnes
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