[Samba] Adding Printer Drivers for existing Printers (Win2000, WinNT x86)

Reinhard Brandstädter r.brandstaedter at gmx.at
Mon May 13 03:23:02 GMT 2002

Hi List!

I've got a problem that I've read about on the web several times now,
regarding the uploading of printer drivers to the samba [print$] share.

When I try to set the printer driver for an existing printer (HP
LaserJet 6L enabled with CUPS) the W2K wizard let me select the driver
*.inf file but when finishing I get the well known error message:

"Unable to install Intel, Windows 2000 printer drivers. Operation unable
to be completed."

(in fact I get this in german since I use an german W2K)

I've gone trough the Samba documentation, especially the printing with
2.2.x section several times and can't see any errors.
The user I'm working with has all rights for printers and is in the
printer admin group. I know this is working because if i remove the user
from the admin list he has -NO- rights for the printer anyway.
The subdirectories of [print$] (W32X86) meanwhile are world-writeable
(777) as is the print-share itself (for testing/debugging purpose:-)

If anyone already has a solution for this or any hint's, I would

kind regards,

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