[Samba] foriegn investments

Dagogo Jack jack_dagogo at lmailcity.com
Sun May 12 09:28:02 GMT 2002

I am Dagogo Jack, an Engineer with the federal ministry of petroleum
> >resources, I gotyour contact through a friend whom I told I needed
> >an>assistance on some information, although I did not> disclose the 
> >of business to him, since it> demands absolute secrecy. > The Tiny
> >republic of Benin a country in west>Africa discovered crude oil,
> >in Portnovo>and>since they're not members of organization of>
> >Exporting Country (OPEC) they requested>for our> assistance through
> >ministry whose subsidiary>is the NNPC, we were able to assist in
> >drilling and> excavation of this black gold and also spot lifting.>As
> >result of the spot lifting an excess of $48.5million>US> dollars was
> >recorded and it is in ourfavor, my> colleagues then decided we should

> >for an>honest and sincere person who could claim>responsibility>of
> >amount because the law of our country does>not allow civil servants
> >operate foreign account,> talk less of owing one. Presently the m!
> >oney is>safely> kept in an escrow account secure from all eyes. We>
> >shall be meeting with you if you accept to assist>us,> secondly it
> >also afford us to know what>percentage>that will be given to you,for
> >your assistance. It>will> take seven working daysto actualize this 
> >and> safely transfer into your bank account on our behalf>and>
> >yourself. I will appreciate your quick response>through my email I am

>open to
> >further question you may wish to ask in respect of this business
> >transaction.> Sincerely yours,> Dagogo Jack

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