[Samba] Client PCs crash when in MS apps.

System Administrator sysadmin at gfm.co.uk
Sun May 12 05:42:25 GMT 2002


I have a situation where Windows PCs (various versions affected)
crash with a blue screen or just reset.  Some of the reported blue
screens mention IFS or possibly VFS.  (It's hard to get users to make
a note of such info before they reboot or dismiss the error message!)

The clients affected range from Windows 95, OSR2 to Windows 98 S.E.
The shares are on Sun machines - all running 2.2.3a, hardware is
Enterprise Server 450, E250R, S1000E, and the client software opening
the files (usually .csv or .html) is MS Office applications, Excel, Word,
and for the HTML files, MS Internet Explorer (again a wide variety of
versions affected)

The crash seems totally unpredictable, in terms of frequency between
occurrences, and the result on the client end.  NOTHING gets logged on
the server with the default level of logging.

Our Linux servers seem to be fine.  It really does appear to be intermittent
on the Sun's and I'm not sure whether it's Samba or part of the Windows
system that is at fault.

I'm totally lost on this one.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Con Harte.

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