[Samba] samba nmbd network errors

Earle Nietzel nietzel at rhinobox.org
Sun May 12 03:58:02 GMT 2002

I have been getting the following errors:

[2002/05/12 12:39:22, 0] libsmb/nmblib.c:send_udp(755)
   Packet send failed to ERRNO=Operation not permitted

and a bunch of others!!!

On my network I have 2 interfaces my local network and my ISP's network.

I was restricting all udp,tcp 137 and 138 via iptables onto my ISP's 
network mainly because I don't want none of that traffic being transmitted 
on that interface.

Then I started receiveing all of these errors in my nmb.log

I looked in the mail lists and saw that other people were having similar 

After making the following changes (smb.conf) my errors have stopped:

# Configure Samba to use multiple interfaces
# If you have multiple network interfaces then you must list them
# here. See the man page for details.
    interfaces = eth0
    bind interfaces only = yes

As you can see I added the "bind interfaces only" and set the interface to 
only eth0 (my local network, eth1 is my ISP).

There are a fews ways to configure this but this seems best for me.

Good Luck,
Earle Nietzel

P.S. Any replies should be sent to me as I am not on the mailing list. 

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