[Samba] Re: Need to join domain for security=domain (was: somebody please help)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sat May 11 17:22:02 GMT 2002

Thamara Wanigatunga wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have a serious problem that I can't rectify. My smb.conf is as follows. I
> use Solaris 2.6 on SPARC

> The samba server is shown in the network neighborhood. When security is set
> to domain users are prompted for the password that does not happen if
> security is set to server.
> Log.winbind
> [2002/05/09 12:54:13, 0] rpc_client/cli_netlogon.c:cli_net_auth2(157)
>   cli_net_auth2: Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
> [2002/05/09 12:54:13, 0] rpc_client/cli_login.c:cli_nt_setup_creds(74)
>   cli_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challenge failed

You need to join the machine to the domain.  Creating 'computer
accounts' on the local machine is of no use, unless you are the PDC.

Run 'smbpasswd -j -r PDC -Uadministrator%password' to join the NT

This will allow samba to connect to the PDC, and ask it to verify an
arbitary challange/response pair.  Security=server does not require
this, but instead allows PDC spoofing and is much less reliable -
particularly under load.  (It is a really gross hack that effectivly
mounts a man-in-the-middle attack on the PDC to do its job).

Andrew Bartlett

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