[Samba] Samba 64 bits or 32 bits program

Per Kjetil Grotnes perkjetil.grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Sat May 11 16:52:02 GMT 2002

A program compiled on a solaris 8 SunFire 880 sparc machine with gcc 3.0.1, 
would it be a 32 bits program or a 64 bits program (in relation to how many file 
descriptors it can handle)?

Is there a ./configure option to force samba to be a 64 bits application?

Hardlimit for a 32 bit program is 256 file descriptors while a 64 bits program can 
handle 2 billion file descriptors.

Maybe I am asking a silly question here, but it would be nice to hear an answer to it 

Per Kjetil Grotnes
IT-Seksjonen, Plan- og bygningsetaten, Oslo Kommune
Tlf: 22 66 26 61, Fax: 22 66 26 65

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