[Samba] PGP + samba errors.

Benoit Beauchamp benoit.beauchamp3 at sympatico.ca
Sat May 11 13:59:02 GMT 2002

HI ive currently been trying to mount a PGPdisk via linux using samba. My 
setup is a WinXP on my laptop connected to my Windows98/Linux box. I prefer 
using linux on that box and unfortuneatly I have a rather large PGPdisk of 
about 4gig. Samba gives me an error while trying to mount the disk from my 
WinXP. Something like..

[2002/05/11 16:41:46, 0] smbd/fileio.c:seek_file(43)
seek_file: (New PGPdisk Volume1.pgd) sys_lseek failed. Error was Invalid 

a Bug? has this been solve?


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