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Assuming you’re using some kind of boot loader that lets you add args to
the kernel before boot, add this arg to your kernel choice on boot:
LILO: <your boot image name here> single
This will boot you into single user mode, and you should be able to get
in with just your root password, and change your config files, then type
‘init 3’ to get to the default run level. Or, just reboot.
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Hi All,
I tried to make Unified login from My Linux box to windows2000 domian
I do as that page said exact
And add by hand computer account to the windows 2000 domain controller
to that Linux machine.
after i make reboot
i tried to login using domain account 
it give me authnotication failed
I tried again to logon bye ROOT account on my linux machine also it give
me that same error
I'm Now cann't login with any account can any body help me to get login
local om my linux machine.
i will be thanks for help.
I'm really in bad situation.
thnaks all

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