[Samba] Changing ACLs using W2k client and samba server with bestbits ACL patch

Andrew Hildebrand andrew at kontiki.com
Fri May 10 16:43:02 GMT 2002

I have a linux server  with the bestbits ACL patch, running samba (that
has successfully joined the domain).  I built the samba server
"--with-acl-support".  I can make changes to the ACLs on the linux box,
and see the changes on the W2k client.   However I cannot make any
changes to ACLs using the W2k client.  Whenever I try to make changes to
the ACLs on the W2k client and press APPLY or OK, the items in the
window revert back to the original.  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is
this the default behavior?

Linux Server RH7.2
kernel:  2.4.18 with betsbits acl patch version 0.8.26
samba:  2.2.3a  built "--with-acl-support"

Windows 2000


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