[Samba] Samba - cannot print multiple copies

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Fri May 10 13:05:06 GMT 2002

> Hi,
> I successfully setup printing on my FreeBSD box 
> using Samba with apsfilter and lprng. However, I 
> have encountered two issues:
> 1) Cannot print multiple copies of documents from
> my windows box (e.g. notepad). Only the first
> copy is printed and the rest don't get printed.

http://www.linuxprinting.org/ for possible solution(s)?

> 2) My spool directory is getting filled up and
> I would like the job removed after the print
> job is finished
modify   > print command = /usr/local/bin/lpr -P%p %s
to read  > print command = /usr/local/bin/lpr -r -P%p %s
or maybe > print command = /usr/local/bin/lpr -r -s -P%p %s


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