[Samba] Samba authentication through NIS

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Fri May 10 12:23:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 02:35:05PM -0400, Anna Arbit wrote:
> I got rid of the Domain conroller (well.. it crashed).. and there is no need
> to have one.  So right now i'm trying to make users authenticate vis NIS. Is
> that at all possible?

Samba can authenticate with NIS passwords if your client machines use
cleartext passwords. As I recall, all versions of Windows after Windows
95 (or actually everything starting from NT4+SP3) want to use encrypted
passwords only. I know that there are registry patches included with
Samba to allow cleartext passwords, but you will have to apply them to
every client PC. Look at the ENCRYPTION.txt file in the Samba
documentation for more information on this, and look at the description
of the "encrypt passwords" option in smb.conf.

Personally, I would suggest setting up UNIX password sync instead. If
you have more than a few client PCs it would be easier to get that
working than to go around and apply registry changes to every PC, and
you wouldn't have to remember to do it when you add or reinstall a
machine. There are some complications with getting passwd sync and NIS
to work together, check the list archives for the discussions.

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