[Samba] Samba authentication through NIS

Anna Arbit anna.arbit at Micromuse.com
Fri May 10 11:40:07 GMT 2002


I have a samba 2.2.0 server running on RedHat 7.0. It used to be part of
domain and authenticate users logged into that domain. those who logged in
locally to their pc, would authenticate against the smbpasswd

net use \\samba\username /user:<unixusername>

I got rid of the Domain conroller (well.. it crashed).. and there is no need
to have one.  So right now i'm trying to make users authenticate vis NIS. Is
that at all possible?

i want users to log into their machine using <whatever> account and then
going to DOS prompt and

net use \\samba\<unix_username> /user:<unix_username>
Type password for \\samba\<unix_username>: <unix_password>

how do i do that?

I synced the smbpasswd file with the yppasswd but it doesn't work. any help
is appreciated :)

thank you in advance,

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