[Samba] issue with long domain names and winbindd_cache

drenning, bruce bdrenni at catholicrelief.org
Fri May 10 09:57:01 GMT 2002

I just started testing 2.2.4 (with winbind) and am looking for advice on a
couple of issues.

1. This isn't really a winbind issue, just my *nix ignorance...
our domain name is longer than 8 chars. Therefore, the owner & group of
every file (ls -l) shows up the same. I have to ls -ln, then grep the
results of getent group|passwd to look up the desired number. Not the end of
the world, but definitely a pain. Any way for me to format ls or somehow
check the owners of a file without going at it this round about way?

2. If the .tdb files in /var/cache/samba get corrupted, I assume that all
file ownership will have to be re-applied to match the new SID-id pairs when
these tables are re-created. From a backup/restore point of view, will this
dir stand on it's own? Can I back it up each night & if something goes
wrong, stop winbindd & drop it back in?


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