[Samba] Win98 join a PDC

Dirk Allaert da at schaubroeck.be
Fri May 10 01:49:01 GMT 2002

Alex Moen wrote:
> OK... this has probably been asked in the past, but until there is a 
> decent archive it's impossible to tell....  :)
> Just set up a 2.2.4 PDC / Solaris 8 / E-250. 
> Wierd thing #1:  Windows 98 client will NOT connect on first attempt: 
> type in username and password, hit enter, wait 2 minutes, failure 
> message.  Click OK on the failure popup, hit enter again on the login 
> dialogue, wait another 2 minutes and client logs in almost perfectly (by 
> almost: trouble with home directory %u thingie).  Any ideas?
I am not sure this is a samba issue. I have also seen this once a 
Windows NT 4 PDC and a somebody reported me this on a Windows 2000 ADC 
(always with windows 98). Seemed to have to do with networking stuff.

I the Windows 2000 case, the guy that told me had contacted CISCO (they 
were using a CISCO layer 3 switch) and CISCO changed some stuff on the 
switch (don't know what). Same scenario for NT 4 case: Baystack switch, 
PC's with Accton network card. Changed speed on switches (half duplex). 
Problem did not completely disappear but sure improved.

> Wierd thing #2:  Win2K server, no AD, no BDC.  Just wanna join the 
> domain so that I can use terminal server.  Asking for a username and 
> password.  The only reference that I have found in any of the 
> documentation is how you must use a "Samba Administrator" account to 
> authenticate the machine, but there is no docs that explain WHAT a 
> "Samba Administrator" account is, or how to make one.

try root ?

> Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!
> Thanks in advance!
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