[Samba] How do i set different permission for a shared directory?

Seah, Michelle C michelle.seah at eds.com
Thu May 9 23:21:02 GMT 2002


Would really appreciate any advise on how the security setting should be

I have running Samba ver 2.0.7 on HPUX10.20. Clients run Windows 200 PCs,

"docusers"  is the UNIX home directory for document users. their individual
home dir is created under their user id.
so, Paul 's home  directory structure is :


Below is an extract from the smb.conf  file.
	comment = Private Unix file area (%u)
	path = %H
	writeable = Yes
	create mask = 0750
	strict locking = Yes

	path = /docusers
	valid users = @docu

With the above, users with UNIX a/c in the docu group can only read all the
subdirectories under docusers which is mapped as a dir (eg. L:/Doc_Users) in
their PC's Windows Explorer . 

Now, the requirement is for all users to be able to read all the directories
under /Doc_Users but be able to write only to his own home directory in the
same drive mapped (L:). 

I have looked at the samba config file via SWAT but is not very sure how to
make this happens. In the advanced view, there is additional options for a
write list and read list. The help says this field can include userid or
group (@docu), but what is the equivilent of the %u - that is the user id?).

Really appreciate any advise.

Thank You.

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