[Samba] Logging in to the domain

Luiz Alfredo Baggiotto luiz at pucrs.br
Thu May 9 15:39:02 GMT 2002


> Well, I've obviously missed a step.  But what?  I also wonder about the
> "password is wrong" part.  I've never been asked for the machine account
> password.  Is this correct?

Let me see if I could understand.
You need to create one account - trust account - to each one of your machines (the 
machine name with the suffix "$". For example: "win101$"). This accounts have a 
password auto-generated for samba in the smbpasswd file and anyone password in the 
*nix system. Then, you need make anything similar to the following steps:

useradd -c "station" -d /dev/null -s /bin/false machine_name$
smbpasswd -a -m machine_name$

To remove the machine and recreate them:

smbpasswd -x machine_name$
userdel machine_name$

If you delete or try to create one without the other, this error happens.
I hope this help you.
Best regards

    Administraçao da Rede
        FACIN / PUCRS
         Ramal  4184
    Prédio 30 -  Sala 145

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