[Samba] Logging in to the domain

Alexander Skwar lists.ASkwar at DigitalProjects.com
Thu May 9 15:19:03 GMT 2002

Hi again! ;)

Sorry if I'm being a pest, but I'd really like to be able to have my
samba as a PDC.

Okay, I've now joined the domain and rebooted.  Now I'd like to login to
the domain.  On the login screen, I've chosen a name which is in the
LDAP and thus should be a domain user.  I've also selected to login to
MDKGROUP (domain name); ie. I changed it from "VIRTUAL-TEICH (this pc)".

When I click on Ok to login, Windows right away pops up an error

Das System kann Sie nicht bei dieser Domäne anmelden, da das
Computerkonto des Systems in seiner primären Domäne fehlt, oder das
Kennwort für dieses Computerkonto falsch ist.

Translation: Can't login to domain because the machine account is
missing from the primary domain or because the password for this machine
account is wrong.

Well, I've obviously missed a step.  But what?  I also wonder about the
"password is wrong" part.  I've never been asked for the machine account
password.  Is this correct?

samba 2.2.4 on MandrakeLinux 8.2.

Thanks again,

Alexander Skwar
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