[Samba] Windows 2000 and Samba

Paul Harlow PHarlow at skld.com
Thu May 9 14:18:04 GMT 2002

It wasn't pointing at the WINS server at first (the machine that I've
primarily been working with) but is now and I've put an entry into the
LMHosts file. I also changed the LMHosts file as you directed but it didn't
help any.
The DNS server works fine to resolve those names from both itself and the
Win2k machine in question.

There was never a mapping on this machine though there was a 'shortcut' in
"My Network Places". I got rid of that but the service to that server still
doesn't work.

Also, there was a reghack that I found for Win2k that added a longer timeout
value to connect to this resource. That didn't help either.
Any other ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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It sounds like you're having a windows networking error - do you have both 
faulty w2k machines and the samba server pointing at the WINS server?  Or 
better yet, is your samba server configured as a WINS server?

If it's a windows networking error, try renaming %system 
root%\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts.sam to %system 
root%\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts  (i.e. remove the .sam file 
suffix)  read the comments in the lmhosts file and edit the lmhosts file as 
appropriate for your network

Finally, check your DNS setup on the two faulty w2k machines, w2k relies on 
DNS a lot more for netbios name resolution.  From the w2k command prompt, 
do a nslookup  server name and see how long that takes - if that's not 
working you may need to tweak your DNS settings on those two w2k machines.

I'm curious as to what's going on, so keep us posted.

Sam Barasch
Computer Systems Support
Department of Biostatistics
University of Wisconsin Madison

At 12:18 PM 5/9/2002 -0600, Paul Harlow wrote:
>"Windows cannot find '\\server1'. Check Spelling..."
>"The semaphore timeout has expired..."
>The semaphore error comes up about a tenth of the time that the other one
>This server can be resolved without problems using both WINS and DNS. We're
>not reaching across a subnet here, all machines affected are on the same
>subnet. All machines, Win2k and WinNT4 can see this server in Network
>Neighborhood/Places fine as well. It's just that when you click on them or
>type their names in the address field they're not accessible with the given
>messages returned as errors.
>If already tried removing and reinstalling Windows Networking from these
>machines to no avail.
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>From: Sam Barasch [mailto:barasch at biostat.wisc.edu]
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>Subject: Re: [Samba] Windows 2000 and Samba
>Can the w2k pro machines see the AIX box in my network places?
>are you trying to do this across subnets?
>Is there an error message you can share?
>At 11:04 AM 5/9/2002 -0600, Paul Harlow wrote:
> >I have a Samba server running on an AIX 4.4.3 RS6000 that has been
> >up files without problem. Recently, a pair of machines, both Windows 2000
> >Pro, haven't been able to gain access to any of the Samba resources on
> >AIX server though they were both able to previously. Other WinNT and
> >machines can get to these shared resources fine, just not these two.
> >I haven't found anything yet to give a reason why or support a fix for
> >Does anyone have any suggestions or paths to lead me down?
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