[Samba] Is 2.2.3/4 as reliable as 2.0.10?

drenning, bruce bdrenni at catholicrelief.org
Wed May 8 09:43:02 GMT 2002

I've been using 2.0.x on my servers for a couple of years & am a very, very
happy customer (thanks Samba team). There are only 2, albiet small,
annoyances. 1) Any account administration results in changes having to be
made on both the NT domain & linux server. 2) I can't do permissions for a
"group of groups" on the linux server. It seems that winbind might be able
to resolve the 1st issue certainly, and possibly the 2nd by letting Samba
use the NT domain groups. However, I have no desire to introduce any hint of
instability only to save myself a little extra admin. I'm especially
interested in hearing from anyone running on RedHat 7.1 with your
experiences with the 2.2.3 & up versions of Samba. TIA

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