[Samba] Getting Winbind to work with 2.2.4

Ted Hazlewood ted.hazlewood at teampcs.com
Wed May 8 09:09:02 GMT 2002

I have tried to get winbind to work with 2.2.4 and I get the error of 
error looking up domain users
with command
wbinfo -u

I have it working with 2.2.3a and I am using the same conf files for both
I did try to add the new option of winbind using default domain but with
that enabled or disabled it has made no difference.

About the system
Clean install of RedHat 7.2 with XFS 1.02

Compiled Samba using the packaged redhat files and adding --with-winbind and
--with-acl-support in the samba2.spec

If anyone else has seen this problem or knows of a way to get this to work I
would love your help.

Thanks in Advance

Ted Hazlewood 
Senior Systems Administrator 
Public Communications Services
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ted.hazlewood at teampcs.com

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