[Samba] Secret is bad

Konkol, Josh JKonkol at guidemail.com
Wed May 8 06:03:02 GMT 2002

I have two suggestions:

1.  I would change your winbind separator.  I think it's confusing if you
use the default '\'.  To do this add a line to your winbind segment that

	winbind separator = +

2.  In my experience with "Secret is Bad", I had a 90% fix rate when I did
the following

	Deleted all files under %sambaroot%\private
	Re-created the samba machine account using:
%sambaroot%\bin\smbpasswd -a -m MACHINENAME$
	Delete the computer account in the domain using Server Manager
	Re-joined the domain using:  %sambaroot%\bin\smbpasswd -j DOMAINNAME
	Then check the secret again.

As soon as you get your secret to report back good, it should stop asking
you for username and password.

Hope this helps !!

Josh Konkol, CNE MCSE  
Senior Network Analyst
GuideOne Insurance
Mail Stop AB-1
jkonkol at guidemail.com

/( )\

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Why do i get the message

Secret is bad
when i do a wbinfo -t?. Wbinfo -u and -g works. also getent passwd and
groups also is working fine it shows all NT user stats. I shall attach my

# Global parameters
      workgroup = SOME_DOMAIN
      netbios name = E15K
      security = SERVER
      encrypt passwords = Yes
      update encrypted = Yes
      password server =
      socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
      os level = 33
      wins server =
      winbind uid = 10000-20000
      winbind gid = 10000-20000
      template homedir = /samba/shares/%D/%U
      template shell = /bin/sh
      guest account = ftp

      comment = For testing only, Please
      path = /samba/shares/test
      username = SOME_DOMAIN\user1,user1
      valid users = SOME_DOMAIN\user1,SOME_DOMAIN\user2,SOME_DOMAIN\user3
      admin users = SOME_DOMAIN\user1,SOME_DOMAIN\user3
      read list = SOME_DOMAIN\user1
      write list = SOME_DOMAIN\user1
      read only = No
      guest ok = Yes
      hosts deny = host1
      browseable = No

Also why does it prompt for the username/password when i change the
security option from server to domain.

Pls help

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