[Samba] lp & cups on samba

P. Jourdan pippo at videotron.ca
Wed May 8 04:04:02 GMT 2002

At 12:40 AM 5/8/2002 -0300, Fernando Maidana wrote:
>PJourdan wrote:
>I'm having the same problem!!! So, if anybody can help it will be nice!!
It was  shortly after I posted that I found the solution:
several steps:
1. in cupsd.conf configuration file, disable the Printcap overwrite section 
- read the instruction in the file - leave it blank: Printcap
2. If your printcap file was overwritten, make new one - there should be a 
file in /etc - printcap.orig - set it up with the lp|local line printer etc.
3. In the smb.conf file do not use cups for printing: set printcap to 
/etc/printcap and printing = lp
4. configure the windows printer to local printer, create port: 
\\your_bsd_box\lp and use the Epson printer driver (I installed from Epson 
downloaded file) it should be in the list of Epson drivers (I use Ekpson 
Stylus 900)
5. Be sure the cupsd is running: I set it up for boottime in rc.local: 
... and that's it.
I hope I haven't forgotten anything. This will print to the BSD box in raw 
format from W2K - works very well; and it will print in the BSD programs (I 
have checked KDE3 & koffice & they work fine).
Good luck.

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