[Samba] PROBLEMS with XP and SAMBA

Jan Madsen Jan at im-teknik.dk
Wed May 8 01:07:03 GMT 2002

I have a problem with my windows XP clients and samba version 2.2.0 - 2.2.4 
When I try to access my share on my redhat linux 7.1 or 7.2 my window simple
begin to hang about 4 - 7 minutes and then I maybe get lucky to enter my
share or else the window hang and it's now impossible to even reboot my
computer, but if I minimize the window and try to open a new one it goes
quick and painless and it work as it should.
On a new installed windows XP client the samba share works perfect, but when
I install any thing on the XP machine my problem begin to come. 
What am I doing wrong, and are there something in windows XP that has to be
disabled or some services to stop please help me
Best Regards,
Jan Madsen
jan at im-teknik.dk <mailto:jan at im-teknik.dk> 
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