[Samba] What to do for ACL support?

Thierry ITTY thierry.itty at besancon.org
Tue May 7 17:18:34 GMT 2002

A 09:48 07/05/02 +0000, vous avez écrit :
>I'm trying to setup samba 2.2.4 on MandrakeLinux 8.2.  The server should
>act as a file storage for about 25 Windows 2000 clients.
>Setting up a "basic" server which just serves the files is easy.
>However, I'd also like to support NT ACLs on the Samba server.  Well,
>what do I have to do, to get it to work?
>I'm using the Mandrake RPM for 2.2.4, which has ACL support compiled in
>on a "Mandrake" 2.4.18 kernel (kernel- to be exact)
>which also has ACL support.  I use XFS as the filesystem.  acl-2.0.0 and
>attr-2.0.1 are installed.

i don't know whether it's working with xfs
i'm using it here with older versions (i had to compile all) with ext2

if your question is "it's not working, why ?", then maybe you'd have to try
if your question is "how does it work ?", well... rtfm !!!
all you have to do is to set ACLs with the setfacl command
windows "security/permissions" also works from a client windows, a little...
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