[Samba] lp & cups on samba

PJourdan info at lespetitsplaisirs.com
Tue May 7 17:14:51 GMT 2002

This is a hard one.
I can set up cups & samba fine to print ok on FreeBSD and to print from W2K 
on BSD - ahh, but only with the windows printer driver for Epson - which 
sucks - there is no way to clean heads, the color is horrible, print area 
is limited, etc.
The major problem is that there does not seem to be any documentation that 
explains clearly how the configuration works either for cups or for samba. 
If one could understand what the directives or commands and configuration 
options are and where are they stored and how they can be modified, then 
the setups would not be so complicated.
Cups does not warn that it will over-write the printcap file.
There is no clear explanation of how to start & stop cups (unless one is a 
programmer) and even then...
The real challenge is how to configure cups (and samba; but that should not 
be too difficult, if we could understand the cups configuration) to achieve 
the following:
1. Printing on the BSD bos (by itself, no problem)
2. Printing from Windows (can be done, but very limited with windows drivers)
3. Printing in raw mode through lp on the BSD box. (It worked great and 
used Epson drivers perfectly when cups was not installed - printing in raw 
Now, is there anyone out there who; might understand how to implement raw 
printing to the BSD box from W2K and use cups on the BSD? I have tried for 
about an entire week. I am just getting more and more confused and frustrated.
Please help.
Phil Jourdan

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