[Samba] samba w/ multiple network cards/machines

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Tue May 7 06:18:01 GMT 2002

>>I have no idea why this doesn't work. 
>i think maybe your clients are not using the wins server 
>make sure you point those fields at the samba box. You need it 

>because all your clients are not on the same subnet 

the clients all are set to use the wins server in their TCP/IP
properties for the ethernet card....

that is all I need to do to set them up isn't it?

well that changes things a bit.
do you have anything in the log when you do a net use command?
If not I'd start looking at your routing setup.  You said you can ping

i've not done this before so I won't be much help...


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