[Samba] XP, shares and connections to port 80

Ben Griffith bgriffit at email.unc.edu
Tue May 7 06:00:04 GMT 2002


I see the same thing with my WinXP Pro machines. They also make several 
attempts to connect to port 80. I am still trying to figure out why. I 
think that this is part of the reason that there is a significant delay ( 
20-30 sec ) when connecting to a share for the first time. XP attempts to 
connect 3x, each with at least a 3sec delay after receiving the 
instantaneous "dest unreachable" from my samba srver.

Possibly explorer trying to show the folders with html content? ( Even 
though I have this option turned off in XP. )

Do you experience a delay on the first time that you open a particular 
share, but not afterwards?


--On 05/07/02 06:20:48 PM +1000 tony.shepherd at aus.sun.com wrote:

| I have a Windows XP (home edition) system here and whenever I make a
| connection to a file share, like \\samba-server\username, the XP system
| tries to make a connection to port 80 on that system (often tries 3-5
| times).

Ben Griffith
bgriffit at email.unc.edu

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