[Samba] 2.2.4 didn't install smb.conf

Paul Jarc prj at po.cwru.edu
Mon May 6 13:54:02 GMT 2002

Enrique Sanchez Vela <esanchezvela at yahoo.com> wrote:
> this might be better, since your working config file
> does not get overwritten by accident.

That's not an issue in my case, since I'm installing into an empty
prefix.  I just want to understand why it acted differently this time.
2.2.3a was the first version that I installed from source, and I
removed the RPM version after installing 2.2.3a but before installing
2.2.4.  Is there some kind of autodetection at work?  I just installed
another copy of 2.2.3a into a new, empty prefix, and it didn't install
smb.conf either.

Steve Matrix <ste at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> normally the smb.conf file is installed into the /etc/samba/ directory

Maybe that's common for RPMs, etc., but the default path for
./configure --with-configdir is PREFIX/lib, not /etc/samba.
/etc/samba doesn't exist for me, nor does PREFIX/etc/samba or even
PREFIX/etc.  My first installation of 2.2.3a put smb.conf in
PREFIX/lib, and uses that file.


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