[Samba] samba & cups

PJourdan info at lespetitsplaisirs.com
Mon May 6 12:28:32 GMT 2002

At 02:01 PM 5/6/2002 -0500, David W. Chapman wrote:

Can you print to your printer via lpr(see if same is the problem or
your printcap).  Could you please provide your printcap and relevant
sections of smb.conf?
Oh, yes, I installed with portupgrade - really a good proggie.
I can print with the lpd, if I set it up for that... But the problem is 
with Cups.
When one installs cups the printcap file is overwritten and all you have is 
Epson900: (in my case anyway). kThe ir;ony is that the cups configuration 
for Windows printing is incredibly naive - "all you have to do is enter: 
printing = cups; and printcap = cups"  - really, that's what they say on 
their site & documentation. Wel, it ain't that simple... it would seem...
OK, I stand corrected... as I was writing... I did a final check to try to 
install a driver from the Windows side - and using the Windows built-in 
driver (not the Epson driver, which was rather a mess to install) IT WORKS.
Thanks for the help.

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