[Samba] Problem setting up stunnel

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Mon May 6 11:11:02 GMT 2002


I have samba set-up and working completely fine
on my Linux server.  I can get to it using network 
neighborhood just fine.

Now, I want to set-up and stunneled connection to the server
so that the data is protected. 

I know about the ssl option for samba, but that is slated to 
be removed so I want to get this working with stunnel.

So, on the server, I issued this command:
/usr/sbin/stunnel -D 7 -d 2139 -r 139

On my client (A windows 2000 machine), here is what I did:
1. Created a directory c:\bin
2. Downloaded the file
	and extracted it.
3. I then went to a command line, changed to the c:\bin directory
   and typed this command:
 	stunnel.exe -D 7 -c -d -n smb -r

I then went to windows explorer and tried to add a network
place with the location \\\Documents but when it
tries to connect, I get a pop-up that says the network path
was not found.  

On the client here is what I see:
C:\bin>stunnel.exe -D 7 -c -d -n smb -r
LOG5[1308:1256]: Using '' as tcpwrapper service name
LOG7[1308:1256]: RAND_status claims sufficient entropy for the PRNG
LOG7[1308:1256]: Seeded PRNG with RAND_screen
LOG6[1308:1256]: PRNG seeded successfully
LOG5[1308:1256]: stunnel 3.11 on x86-pc-unknown WIN32
LOG7[1308:1256]: bound to
LOG7[1308:1012]: started
LOG5[1308:1012]: connected from
LOG7[1308:1012]: connecting
LOG7[1308:1012]: Remote host connected
LOG7[1308:1012]: Negotiations for smb(client side) started

On the server, I see this message when I try to connect:
May  6 13:05:57 www stunnel[1362]: 139 connected from

Any ideas?

Neil Aggarwal
JAMM Consulting, Inc.    (972) 612-6056, http://www.JAMMConsulting.com
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