[Samba] Samba Panic Directive

Kevin Tomlinson Kevin.Tomlinson at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Mon May 6 08:12:03 GMT 2002


I was wondering if anyone could tell me the exact definition of Samba's
'Panic' directive.

We run samba as a domain controller on a Solaris box, but it
periodically falls over with a number of different symptoms (samba
process hogging all CPU, hogging memory, dozens and dozens of samba
processes constantly spawned or sometimes for no apparent reason at

We've had a look at a number of solutions, but havn't been able to find
the problem (I personally suspect it may be something to do with solaris
with samba...I'd like to run the domain controller from a linux / BSD
box for a while see if the problem replicates...but its not my call :)
). The next best thing would be to get the server to mail out or better
yet, restart itself when samba falls over.

Hence the panic directive is of interest to me. Would the above qualify
as samba panicking? Is there a set trigger for the panic directive to be

If anyone knows (other than try it and see...which I don't want to do as
the service is disrupted enough as it is without me throwing in more
random configuration options when I don't really understand what they're
doing) please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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