[Samba] samba w/ multiple network cards/machines

Brad Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Mon May 6 07:24:01 GMT 2002

dionysus wrote:

>I have a fairly simple network running in my flat - there is a linux
>box with two network cards in it, and two network machines. I have the
>linux box set up to route traffic between the windows 98 machines and
>they can ping each other. I'm now trying to set up samba so the
>windows boxes can swap files thru smb. I have managed to get all
>machines to see each other (thru smbclient and network neighbourhood),
>but the windows ones can't connect to each other (The "\\machinename
>is not accessible" error). I am hoping to be able to do this without
>resorting to setting up a domain, or some complex password scheme (the
>"hosts allow" setting is more than enough security for me - if there
>was some way of turning off all other security I would use it).....the
>network topology, software versions and relevant bits of my smb.conf
>file as are follows
>windows1: (connected to linux box eth0)
>windows2: (connected to linux box eth1)
>linux box: eth0:
>linux box: eth1:
too cheap for a hub eh ;)

>routing table specifies direct routes to windows1 and windows2 on the
>relevant interfaces
>samba vers 2.0.7, redhat vers 7.1 (fresh install)
this is old - should work fine - but you might do well with a more 
recent version

>guest account = pcguest
>security = user
>encrypt passwords = yes
>interfaces =
>local master = yes
>os level = 65
>preferred master = yes
>domain master = yes (AFAIK this needs to be here)
>wins support = yes (for wins server)
you need this here

>I have no idea why this doesn't work.
i think maybe your clients are not using the wins server
make sure you point those fields at the samba box.  You need it
because all your clients are not on the same subnet

>If anyone can come up with some idea, I would be absolutely stoked.
>Please email it to me if you can - I don't check the archives very
>Thanks heaps in advance

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