[Samba] 2.2.4/spools/HP DJ 1120 driver problem

Martin Thomas mthomas at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Mon May 6 07:07:01 GMT 2002

: Hello Samba-Team and List-Members,
: i had a similar problem with an hp deskjet 2500cm printer.
: the 2500 series printer driver get uploaded, i can connect, but when
: printing: nothing happens on the samba and cups server.
: after changing the printer driver to 2500 pcl5e driver. i was able to
: print. but the quality was pretty poor.
: after installing the 2500postscript driver, we was able to print, beside
: it took about 5min, until the printer began to work. but the ps driver
: wont work on w2k only on win nt?

Thanks for your answer.

I have not seen any problems with the Printer-Drivers from Postscript
Printers. Even with W2K Samba-managed Postscript-based drivers work.
I do not have any NT-clients here.

I suppose Gerald Carter and the other maintainers of the printing-code
use postscript-printers for the testing. But the HP Deskjet 1120 has 
no build-in postscript interpreter. Its just the 'bigger brother' in the
DJ 8xx-series of printers that can handle A3 papersize. It's not the
newest machine but the quality is still good enough. So 

There is 
(a) Problem/error in the Samba-Code with this Driver (and probably all
  drivers of this series of HP printers)
(b) the Drivers can not be used as 'server based' drivers. Perhaps someone
  can test them with a W2K-Server (don't have one here)

'use client driver = yes' works as expected but is just a 'workaround'

Again, thank you.

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