[Samba] Using a Norton Ghost with Samba and dos client bootdisk

Adam Manock abmanock at earthlink.net
Mon May 6 06:32:16 GMT 2002

Test setup:

	Bart's (truly awesome) network boot disk
	Norton Ghost 5.1d
	Samba 2.2.3a

Ghost was tested dumping a local disk to an image on a mapped network drive.
Initial testing gave a horrible ghost image dump speed of 2MB / min
Adding a parameter -SLOWFILE when starting ghost lifted this to > 100MB / min

I am guessing that without this switch Samba thinks it is being flooded and
throttles back accordingly???  Or maybe the dos tcp-ip stack gets overloaded??

Has anyone been doing similar imaging to Samba mapped network drives with
newer ghost versions or other imaging tools? What kind of performance have you
been getting? Any problems? (I'd like to upgrade some day)


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