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Depending on the version of samba you don't need stunnel running on the
samba server. Just configure samba to run with SSL on usual 139 port.

On the client try the command line "D:\stunnel\stunnel.exe -c -d -r <IP_SAMBA_SERVER>:139 -n smb" for stunnel.

Then map a shared folder of your samba server like this

Hope it helps, I spent several weeks figuring out the different
documentations myself.


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I am trying to set-up an stunnel for samba.

On my Linux server, I have samba set-up and working
in non-ssl mode.  I set up a file share called Documents.

Then, I ran an stunnel on the command line to allow
me to tunnel thru it.  Here is what I did:
/usr/sbin/stunnel -D 7 -f 2139 -r 139

Then, on my client (A Windows 2000 machine), I
did the following:
1. Created a directory c:\bin
2. Downloaded the file
	and extracted it.
3. I then went to a command line, changed to the c:\bin directory
   and typed this command:
 	stunnel.exe -c -d -n smb -r

I then went to windows explorer and tried to add a network
place with the location \\\Documents but when it
tries to connect, I get a pop-up that says the network path
was not found.

The command line on my Windows 2000 box has this message:
LOG5[796:924]: connected from
LOG3[796:924]: remote connect: Unknown error (10060)

There are no messages on the command line on the Linux box, so it
seems that I was not able to connect to it.  This is strange since
I know that it is not a firewall issue.

If I compile samba with the --with-ssl option, everything works fine.

Any ideas?

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