[Samba] Can't get MSDFS to work, help!

Shirish Kalele kalele at samba.org
Sun May 5 19:55:02 GMT 2002

Hi Pierre,

I just tried this out here and it works fine. Must be a problem with your

Can you map the smbhost share directly without dfs? Are the dfs symlinks
readable by the user on the Unix machine?

It shouldn't matter whether the server name in the dfs link is a netbios
or dns name. In the links you have, the last one (ntdb4) is the
recommended way.

A glance through a level 10 samba log might give you some clues..


-----Original Message----

I've been trying since the past hours to configure MSDFS using 2.2.4,
compiled with --with-msdfs under Solaris but I can't get it to work :(

Here's what I've done, in the smb.conf file, I added the following:

        host msdfs = yes

        path = /export/dfsroot
        msdfs root = yes

In the /export/dfsroot I've created all of the following symlinks,
there's many cuz nothing was working so I've created all the one

  ntdb1 -> msdfs:smbhost.net.private.com\ntdb
  ntdb2 -> msdfs:smbhost.net.private.com\\ntdb
  ntdb3 -> msdfs:smbhost\\ntdb
  ntdb4 -> msdfs:smbhost\ntdb

I added "netbios name = smbhost" on the remote server.

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