[Samba] Can't print from applications in W2K to Samba (version 2.2.3a, Debian woody)

Andree Leidenfrost aleidenf at bigpond.net.au
Sat May 4 04:04:02 GMT 2002

Dear all

I am currently setting up a Samba server and am experiencing a bit of a
problem with printing:

I have a Canon LBP-1000 connected to the Samba server via the parallel
port. Printing directly from the machine works fine. Printing to the
printer directly attached to my W2K client works fine, too. When I try
to print from the W2K client to the printer connected to the Samba
server, however, I get the following error in e.g. Notepad:

	Could not start print job.

The print queue can be looked at just fine from the client. Test page
printing works sort of: The font is different, it prints a number of
weird characters but also most of the Windows printer test page.

No idea whether these two problems are related.

Samba is configured as PDC and I use a domain account for all this.

I looked at the Samba HOWTO and other documentation. I checked out
groups.google.com and it looks like some other people are experiencing
the same problem but never received an answer. I also searched the MS KB
and came across Q257709 and Q121074. Is that related?

Best regards & it would be unreal if you could help me with this one

PS: I'm not currently subscribed to the list so cc'ing me would be very
helpful. Let me know if you think I should subscribe...
Andree Leidenfrost
Sydney - Australia

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