[Samba] local/roaming profile default

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Fri May 3 12:47:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-05-03 at 14:49, Jay Ts wrote:
> Are you really sure of this?  I don't have time to check it right now,
> but the way I remember it is that new users get a local profile, no
> matter whether Windows or Samba is used as the PDC.
Three separate Samba PDC installs that I've done recently all provided
roaming profiles as the default behavior, I needed to add the kludge I
mentioned previously to prevent this behavior. Opposite of my experience
with NT/2k DC's, which corresponds with yours.
I also received an email from someone with the identical problem who saw
my post here and was looking for a solution as well. So if I'm
hallucinating, it's at least a really solid repeatable hallucination,
and someone else is on the same stuff.

> At least, that's
> the way it worked when I did a fresh install of Windows, added a user
> account, and logged onto the domain for the first time.
I didn't do a fresh install of Win(NT/2k/XP) but I didn't do that on the
NT/2k domains either. After joining the Samba domain, every  user when
logging on for the first time would get a roaming profile by default.

> Is it possible that what you are experiencing there is attributable
> to "funky Windows behavior", rather than whether Samba or Windows
> is used as the PDC?
No. Every single 2k/XP client has exhibited this behavior (roaming
default) with Samba domains. I attribute the flaky profile losses to the
kludge I mentioned causing some incompatibility, although I don't know
exactly what steps are needed to recreate it and it has only happened to
several systems - so far.

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