[Samba] Replacing 3 out of 4 NT servers w/ Samba

Patrick Gunerud slu at firerun.net
Fri May 3 12:06:04 GMT 2002

It sounds like your best option for using samba and Win2k server is to 
setup the Win2k server as the PDC and join each machine running samba to 
the domain.  Then use winbind to allow the machines running samba to 
authenticate windows users.  As I understand it you do not need to add 
the accounts on each machine it will use the ones from the Windows PDC.


User Tkrin wrote:

>Hello all.  I have four NT servers that are all in dire need of upgrading.  What
>I want to do is replace three of those w/ samba and leave the fourth Win2K due
>to some internal apps that require IIS.  The basic layout is each server is a
>PDC, for what reason I can not figure out completely, I inhereted them recently.
> There are trust relationships among them and users access data across all four
>I'm not really sure what my best options are for setting this up.  It would be
>nice to have the Win2k box be a PDC and the samba servers be BDC's, but that
>functionality does not seem to be available yet.  I would like to have some way
>of centralize authentication, maybe NIS, Kerberos, or something so that a give
>user does not have to be added to each server and when they change their
>password, it changes for the other servers as well.
>Is this possible?  If there is any documentation any of you would suggest,
>pages, books, white papers, etc., please let me know.
>Thanks all!
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