[Samba] Printer Settings

Jacob J. Lee JLee at SouthlandTitle.com
Fri May 3 10:55:02 GMT 2002

Red Hat 7.2 & Samba 2.2.3a
NT domain, NT Clients, using samba as print server.  Successfully shared out
printers on samba server and able to automatically push down drivers to
windows clients when they add the printer.
As root, I uploaded the printer drivers using Windows Add Printer Wizard.  I
am able to configure the HP printers, using PS drivers, including device
settings and printing preferences.  When I add the printer on the NT
clients, the drivers load automatically, but the printer settings are not
there.  I double checked the printers as root... but when I check as users,
the settings are not pushed down to the clients.
Could someone tell me if there is anything I can do about this problem?
Also, I noticed that when I installed PCL drivers, the device settings would
be saved, but the printing preferences would not (only when logged in as
root).  When installing printer as user, the settings would not be pushed
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