[Samba] Impending Removal of --with-ssl

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Fri May 3 09:19:02 GMT 2002


I understand the reasons for getting rid of --with-ssl

Unfortunately, we are currently using it.

Are there any instructions on how to set up and stunnel
for samba?


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> This message is a warning: 
> --with-ssl will die.
> Ok, thats enough with the dramatics, but the general consensus 
> amoungst the 
> samba team is that --with-ssl really isn't a particulary smart idea, and 
> it is better implmented by external tools.
> So what is --with-ssl exactly?  And why kill it?
> --with-ssl allows Samba to tunnel SMB inside an SSL connection.  
> Unfortunetly
> there are only 2 clients:  smbclient and sharity.  Windows clients simply
> don't know how to use SSL.
> So why kill it?  It might be useful to sombody?
> While some small minority of users might find it handy, it 
> confuses many more,
> including a supprising number of our distributors.  Users 
> actually using this
> functionality will find that they can achive almost the same 
> effect by creative
> use of 'stunnel' both as an inetd wrapper as as a 'LIBSMB_PROG' program.
> Finally, it is intrusive and ugly, with large #ifdef sections in 
> what should
> be simple code.
> If sombody can come up with both reasons to keep this code, and time to 
> maintain it, then I would like to hear it.
> Andrew Bartlett
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