[Samba] Problems to 'configure' SAMBA-2.2.4 under OS/390.....

Albertus de Wet dewet.a at ghc.org
Fri May 3 07:26:02 GMT 2002


I downloaded the latest & Greatest version of SAMBA (2.2.4) and are trying to configure it under OS/390 v2.10.
but are getting this error during the 'configure'......
.checking for setresuid... no
checking for setreuid... Failed to set gid privileges to (0,0) now set to (202,
02) uid=(0,0)
checking for seteuid... Failed to set gid privileges to (0,0) now set to (202,2
2) uid=(0,0)
checking for setuidx... no
checking whether or not getgroups returns EGID too many times... no
checking for poptGetContext in -lpopt... no
checking whether to use included popt... ./popt
checking configure summary... ERROR: no seteuid method available
configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config

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