[Samba] Timestamp different if replacing a file vs just copying it to the server.

Tore Ørpetveit tore at dds.no
Fri May 3 03:59:03 GMT 2002

Samba 2.2.3a
RedHat 7.2
ext3 filesystem
Hi all.
I am seeing a difference in timestamps when I am copying a file from a
workstation to our Samba fileserver:
- If the file does not exist in the folder I copy it to, it keeps the
timestamp it had on the workstation.
- If a file with the same name exist, and I replace it with the one from
the workstation, it gets todays time and date.
Now I'm wondering if this is by design, or if there is something I can
do in my setup to get a consistent behaviour here.  I really would like
the files to keep their timestamp when they are copied to the server...
Tore Ørpetveit                        mailto:tore at dds.no 

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