[Samba] local/roaming profile default

Jay Ts jay at metran.cx
Thu May 2 17:51:02 GMT 2002

> Chris wrote:
> IIRC when using an MS PDC the workstations use local profiles by default
> allowing an admin to change a profile to roaming, if desired.
> When using Samba (2.2.3a) as a PDC the behavior I see is that every
> users that logs on gets a roaming profile by default. This is quite
> problematic.
> What is the proper way to allow for some roaming profiles yet have the
> default be local profiles?

The selection of local vs. roaming profile is done on the client,
not the domain controller. AFAIK, Samba correctly reproduces the
behavior of a Windows NT or 2000 PDC.

With Windows 95/98/Me, roaming profiles will be enabled if the
client is configured for multi-user access (each user is allowed
to keep their own settings).

With Windows NT/2000/XP, it is possible for an administrator to
set either a roaming or local profile for each user of the computer.
The method varies a little among versions, but on Windows XP, it is
Control Panel->System->Advanced tab->User Profiles:Settings.
Windows 2000 is almost identical, and IIRC, NT is a bit different.
(NOTE: this is not under User Accounts or the Computer Management
Administrative Tool, where you might expect it!)

Jay Ts
author, Using Samba, 2nd edition

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